Monday 1 July 2019

DDD Perth 2019 Preview

This article is a little taster to wet your appetite regarding my talk at DDD Perth 2019.  Given there are 6 tracks competing for your attention, I'm just here to say that if you have a technical inclination don't miss:

Dependency Injection is only 1/5 of the Inversion of Control problem

First of all, the presentation is full of Matrix references.  You get to geek out on not only the latest in tech patterns, but do it with lots of Sci-Fi references.  Plus the Matrix is a great analogy for my talk, as I show you what is the OO Matrix.

Yes, the OO Matrix is very real if you write any mainstream OO languages (and even functional languages).  You are all plugged into it!   Some of you, like Neo, may sense it's existence.   Others of you grew up in it, knowing no difference!  History even has some sense of irony that the Matrix film came out around the time the OO Matrix plugged us all in.   I will show you what it is and there is no going back, once you see it.  Get ready to swallow the "red pill" and join me in Zion.

And if that alone does not entice you enough, then get the "geek credit" for being present at the first talk where I introduce:
  • Continuation Injection
  • Thread Injection
If you think Dependency Injection shaped much of mainstream development, then you'll be able to tell your co-workers, new interns, even your kids that you were present when Continuation Injection and Thread Injection were first announced at a conference!

You may think Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection are dry topics.   I assure you will be far from bored, and I'll leave you like you did walking out of the Matrix. In the words of Keanu Reeves....   "WHOA"!